When Olam was Created

Locked outside my own house, I sitting on the floor at the doorstep of my apartment, bored and dying a slow death by the hands of mosquitos, when I decided to call Tony to kill my time. After the usual random conversation, he told me about this market within a fest sort of concept that … Continue reading When Olam was Created



As I sit in an auto stuck in the Bangalore traffic with the rain pouring around me - a situation other people I know from Bangalore would dread being - I can't help but smile. The architect in me is probably in distress. She would have to deal with the consequences of rain at the … Continue reading Monsoons!

What I Learned From Getting Tossed Around Inside A Car

Lesson Number One. That car accidents are not fiction. They don't just happen in movies, series or books. That accidents can happen to anybody. That we got in a bad one. I was in denial about this particular fact for a long time - before and after the accident happened.  The clinic we used to … Continue reading What I Learned From Getting Tossed Around Inside A Car

An Open Letter to My Future Daughter

Dear Future Daughter You might exist in my world 10 years from now. So this is me inviting you to this world of mine. But better be prepared for some strict training from my side. This is how it will go – When you reach the age of  ten five  three , I will train you how … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Future Daughter