Today’s Rant.

This one was supposed to be the first post in a series of posts about Trivandrum and small stories connected to my life there (as sort of a farewell to Trivandrum). But every time I sat down to write something,... Continue Reading →


An Open Letter to My Future Daughter

Dear Future Daughter You might exist in my world 10 years from now. So this is me inviting you to this world of mine. But better be prepared for some strict training from my side. This is how it will go... Continue Reading →


I got into a deep dilemma today when I decided to get back to Facebook after a long time. They kept asking me where my home town was and I didn't have any answer for it! So, I decided to... Continue Reading →


  The first image I get in my head when I think of 'Achachan' (my grandpa) is of him walking down the steps of our ancestral house wearing a white mundu and a shirt while holding his big umbrella on his... Continue Reading →

The Human Puppet

  As a child, I always lived in a fictional world. I looked at the real world like an outsider almost all the time. I spoke about my problems to the little plastic ball I used to play around with.... Continue Reading →

The Frames of Kolkata

The Park Street was one of the most important streets of Kolkata since the 1940s. It was where Kolkata’s nightlife was centred. Musicians played in the night spots there, a few of the best restaurants and bars in Kolkata are... Continue Reading →

When the Mountains Call

  In an alternative life, somewhere - I make Maggi for a living. I live on the mountains, I trek every weekend to watch the sunset from the top of Triund. I wear knitted scarves and gloves. I pet furry... Continue Reading →


What if the emotion of fear didn’t exist? Do you have one of the days when you feel that the whole of the universe is working against you?  Like everybody is racing ahead and you are being left behind? You... Continue Reading →

The Little Red Riding hood

She always had a hood on. It was almost always red in colour. But she didn’t wear the hood on herself. It was always there inside her. She didn’t know what it was for. But she kept it on anyway.... Continue Reading →

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